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Sustainable developmentWasteacid recycling water treatment

The 110 kVA substation provides sufficient energy guarantee for the enterprise.

  • Cryogenic Nitrogen

    We adopt cryogenic air separation nitrogen production technology, With good reliability andstability, large gas production,zero oxygen co···

    Cryogenic Nitrogen
  • Methanol Hydrogen

    The mature technology of methanol cracking hydrogen production can reduce the energy consumption in the industrial production process: im···

    Methanol Hydrogen
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Dalishen Aluminum hot rolling plate line trial-produce successfully
On September 30, 2014, our 250000 tons of "1 + 1" hot rolling plate line trial-produce successfully , it will not only provide raw materials for Dalishen aluminium Heavy and medium Plate production line in the future ,but Provide premise conditions to put 2800mm hot finishing line into pro
Dalishen Aluminium casting workshop is put into production smoothly
In August 21, 2014, Dalishen Aluminium limited company casting workshop is formally put into production, the aluminum ingots we can produce are as follows:Alloy Category: 1xxx, 3xxx, 4xxx, 5xxx, 6xxx, 7xxx, 8xxx seriesLength: - 6500mmWidth: 1000mm-2000mmCurrently, the company can produce 5052,
Zhenjiang municipal party committee secretary Yangxingshi inspect our Dalishen
2014年6月13日,镇江市委书记杨省世及我市领导李雪峰、童国祥、陈可可、赵立群、王东良一行视察了js6666金沙登录入口-官方入口铝业股份有限公司。js6666金沙登录入口-官方入口集团董事长曹晓国对公司相关项目作了详细介绍,杨省世了解我公司设备安装、调试情况及公司发展态势和未来发展前景后,给予了充分肯定和赞扬 ,杨省世要求相关政府部门要高度重视企业发展,
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Our company was established in 2007. We have always been a people-oriented enter-prise, holding the concept that great workers make great enterprises, and adhere to the concept of great love, unity and cooperation, and create value for customers. We never stop exploring, innovating, and advancing.

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